Design as a tool to elevate your ideas.
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      Design as a tool to elevate your ideas.

      Our services

      Product Development
      We love creating products, from consumer electronics to health care and furniture, we live and breathe design.
      Design consulting
      We assist you in product development. Developing strong USER EXPERIENCE, adapting the DESIGN LANGUAGE to your business model, finding NEW OPPORTUNITIES, define long term DESIGN DIRECTION and strategy.
      Product Design
      Developing the language of your product according to your user experience, brand positioning, business model and market research.

      Our clients are saying

      “After working together we increased our sales by 400%”
      - Lauris
      When we started social project Movement Spontaneous, Charles helped us to understand the context better in designing an holistic experience for the participants.members and thousands of followers and events worldwide.
      - Matijs
      I have had a great experience working together, developing new products in a field of Cleantech
      - Davids
      They encouraged us to excell, and not to give up on ideas.
      - Lelde

      Our clients